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About Us

We are Ambreesh-  We create must-have, luxury beauty products that embody the conscious cosmetic movement. We provide an elevated beauty experience for women, while creating an accountable and supportive community that empowers those who need it most.

An integral part of these initiatives is our commitment to work with charities that strive to bring an end to child labor. A portion of every sale will be donated to these non-profits, and we will be sharing more details on this shortly. We are concurrently working with our supply chain to ensure that any mica used in our current or future products is not mined by children. It’s a big endeavor, and we are so thankful to include all of you on our journey to a more beautiful world.

Meet our Founder:

“I come from a culture that holds women down in many ways, and certainly does not hold monetary success and ambition as “feminine” traits. Growing up, I never conformed to the status quo, and although I came from a very poor family, I always had an innate drive to contribute, and a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In high school I bought, sold and traded cosmetics to help make ends meet. Little did I know that this would seed a life-long passion.

Once I moved to the United States, I bootstrapped my first business through a strong will to succeed, resourcefulness and quite a few sleepless nights. From nothing, my husband and I were able to build a lucrative business in the industrial field that now employs over 200 people. Years after this first experience as a founder, my daughter, Ambreesh, convinced me to return to what I really loved- Beauty. So here I am - hoping to help elevate beauty and do a lot of good in the process.”