Get Your Lips Matte and Fabulous: 4 DIY Tricks for a Perfect Matte Lipstick Look

When it comes to lipsticks, there's something undeniably chic and sophisticated about a matte finish. It adds an instant touch of elegance and can transform your entire makeup look! 👄 If you're eager to rock a matte lip (but don't want to splurge on new products), we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll share some fun and creative DIY tricks to make your lipstick matte without breaking the bank. So, let's dive in and discover how you can achieve a gorgeous matte lip look with items you probably already have at home!
TIP 1: Blotting Technique: One of the easiest and most effective ways to make any lipstick matte is by using the blotting technique. After applying your favorite lipstick shade, gently blot your lips with a tissue. This helps to remove any excess oils or shine from the lipstick, leaving behind a beautiful matte finish. For a more intensified matte look, repeat the blotting process a couple of times until you achieve your desired level of matte-ness. It's a quick and simple secret that works wonders! ✨
TIP 2: Powder Magic: Another fantastic DIY trick to achieve a matte finish is by using translucent or nude powder. After applying your lipstick, take a fluffy brush and lightly dust a small amount of powder over your lips. The powder will absorb the shine and give your lipstick a velvety matte texture. Be sure to tap off any excess powder before applying it to your lips to avoid a cakey look. This hack not only mattifies your lipstick but also helps to extend its longevity! You can even use a neutral eyeshadow pallet like this one from Ambreesh:
TIP 3: Cornstarch Hack: IT'S CORN 🌽 (starch)! If you're looking for a natural and budget-friendly alternative to achieve a matte lip, cornstarch comes to the rescue! Take a small amount of cornstarch and mix it with a bit of water to create a paste. Apply a thin layer of this paste over your lipstick using a lip brush or your fingertip. The cornstarch absorbs the oils from the lipstick, giving it a beautiful matte finish. Just remember to apply a thin layer to avoid any clumping or discomfort.
TIP 4: Tissue and Translucent Powder Combo: For those who want an extra dose of matte goodness, this hack is a game-changer. After applying your lipstick, take a single-ply tissue and gently place it over your lips. Using a fluffy brush, lightly dust some powder over the tissue. The tissue acts as a barrier, allowing only a thin layer of powder to transfer onto your lips. Once done, carefully remove the tissue, and voila! You're left with a stunning, perfectly matte pout that's ready to turn heads.
To wrap up... You don't need to break the bank to achieve a gorgeous matte lip look! With these easy and creative DIY tricks, you can transform any regular lipstick into a fabulous matte statement. Whether it's the blotting technique, the translucent powder magic, the cornstarch hack, or a mix of all of them; there's a method for everyone to enjoy a long-lasting, velvety matte finish. So go ahead, have fun experimenting with these tricks, and rock that matte lip with confidence! 💃
Remember, the beauty of makeup is all about expressing yourself and embracing your unique style. So, get creative, have fun, and let your fabulous matte lips steal the show! 💋💄

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