How Do I know What Color of Eyeshadow Works For Me?

It's time to have fun with eyeshadow! The best way to figure out which colors look good on you is to try different colors and experiment. Are you tired of trying to find the perfect eyeshadow color for your eye color? Do you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of shades available? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ll give you some helpful tips for finding the perfect eyeshadow color for you so that you can rock any look you want with confidence. After you're done reading this, you are going to have the knowledge to pick out the perfect eyeshadow color to almost any eye!
Eyeshadow ideas based on what color of eyes of you have:
Brown eyes are a beautiful feature and can be enhanced with the right eye shadow colors. Neutral tones like taupes and beiges are great for everyday wear and provide a subtle, natural look. For a more dramatic look, try a smoky eye with a mix of dark brown and charcoal shades. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your look, try shades of purple, plum, green, or blue. These colors will bring out the golden and copper tones of your brown eyes. To really make your eyes stand out, try using a lighter color in the inner corner of your eyes and a darker color on the outside. This will create a nice contrast and will make your eyes look even brighter.
Finding the right eyeshadow colors for blue eyes can be a challenging task, but with the right tips and tricks you can create the perfect look for you. Start by considering the depth of your blue eyes. Are they light and airy, or dark and mysterious? Depending on the depth of your blue eyes, you might want to go with a lighter shade of eyeshadow. For light blue eyes, opt for a pale pink, baby blue, or champagne shade. For darker blue eyes, try a deep navy, smoky gray, or deep plum. Of course, you can always experiment with different colors and combinations to find what looks best on you. 
For hazel eyes, the best eyeshadow colors are those that have some warmth to them, such as copper, bronze, and warm browns. These colors can help to bring out the golden and green hues in hazel eyes, making them appear bright and vibrant. Cooler shades such as taupe and gray can also help to define the eye, while champagne and pink shades can be used to add a bit of sparkle and brightness. When using eyeshadow with hazel eyes, it's important to blend the colors well to create a natural-looking effect.
Green eyes are said to be one of the most beautiful eye colors out there, and the key to making them really stand out is the right eyeshadow colors. Warm tones such as bronze, copper, and gold are ideal for green eyes, as they bring out the natural highlights of the color. Cooler tones such as lavender, navy, and gray can also look great with green eyes, especially when combined with shimmery neutrals like taupe and beige. These colors can be used to create a subtle, everyday look, or can be built up to make a more dramatic evening look. Either way, green eyes can be enhanced with the right eyeshadow colors, making them even more beautiful.
Amber eyes are a beautiful, unique eye color that can be enhanced with the right eyeshadow colors. To really make your amber eyes pop, try using shades of copper and gold. These colors will bring out the warmth and richness of your eye color. For a more subtle look, you can use warm browns and taupes. These colors will provide definition to your eyes without being too dramatic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try adding a hint of purple or a dark green. This will create a fun, unexpected contrast that can bring out the depth in your eyes. No matter which colors you choose, make sure to keep the rest of your makeup simple and natural to really let your eyes stand out.
We hope that this has been helpful in finding the perfect eyeshadow color for your eye color. Each eye color is unique and can range from a very light shade to a very dark shade of the same color. Eye color is determined by the amount of pigment in the iris of the eye. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to makeup, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it! With the right colors, you can enhance your eye color and create a beautiful look that is uniquely yours. Below we listed the two most universal eyeshadow palettes of 2023.
The perfect palette to make brown and light blue eyes pop!
If you have dark blue, hazel, green, or amber eyes, you need this palette!

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