At Home with Ambreesh

Meet our team! We’re taking you into our homes to share what we’ve been up to (besides creating fabulous products!) during this shelter-in-place season:

Preet (CEO): Staying home & slowing down has been an opportunity to reconnect with my mind, body & soul through meditation, prayer, yoga, & reading books. It’s so easy to get caught up with the fast paced life that we live nowadays. Sometimes it’s good to stop and slow things down.

Sharona (Social Media Director): During my weeks at home, I’m trying to remain active and not let my health slip. High intensity at-home workouts have been a great way for me to burn these quarantine snack calories!

Lisa (Business Development Exec): It’s important for me to shop local during this time. Eating healthy and meal prepping has made staying on track easier.

Tell us what you’ve been up to! #LetsConnect

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